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My background

I was born and raised in Ukraine and got my Computer science degree there. As fate would have it, shortly after graduating the university, I won a Green Card lottery and moved to the United States. Now, I’m based in New York City.

Since I moved to the USA, my experience here has been full of obstacles but also beautiful moments. My independence away from family and friends has built my resilience and has motivated me to achieve my goals.

I worked different customer service jobs and discovered that I’m the happiest when I’m helping people. I love to learn new things and explore the world around me, but most of all I enjoy solving problems. As an empath by nature, I’ve always put myself in the shoes of others and it's from this perspective that I knew I wanted to pursue a career that will help people’s lives — the UX Design.

I believe that my background in Computer Science has given me the ability to think deeply about technology and prioritize user needs. That’s why my passion lies in designing intuitive and user-friendly designs, in creating solutions that communicate well and solve complex problems for both people and organizations.


My eyes have always been drawn to the beauty that surrounds me, and recently I've started taking photographs of it.


When I have free time, I like to walk around NYC and take pictures of the city and also make photoshoots for friends. 


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